Welcome to our new website and the launch of the Aytee GSPs Training Programme.  On our training page you will find information on the first 3 levels of a 5 level programme which is designed to help a GSP owner train their dog.   Starting on a Beginners Level 1,  it will go right through to Level 5 which will finish with the  training for an Open Field Trial Dog or competent shooting companion.    There are also lots of new short training videos (video page) associated with this training. 

The programme does not explain every different way of achieving a task, rather it describes the method that I use to train my dogs.  It is, of course, not the only way, but with a happy and patient approach combined with the necessary firmness and a love of dogs,  it works.  You are invited to check in with me on email if you have any queries as you work through the Levels and more associated videos will be added as time goes by.    My principles of training are Be clear, Be consistant, Be firm and above all, Be kind.    I Look forward to talking to you about training your dog !

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