A litter is planned from  FTW Aytee Juniper "Jerzi"  x  CC & RCC Redmires High Society "Denver" and will hopefully be born June 2018.

pedigree projected %22M%22 Litter.jpg

The dam "Jerzi" has won Open Field Trials in the UK and Ireland and was 3rd in the 2017 KC HPR National Championship.   She is incredibly trainable and gentle, a fabulously easy dog with loads of natural hunting ability and a very stylish point, it is worth noting that 4 members of her litter are at Open FT Level.  Her 1st place last year in the prestigious  KC HPR Open Working Test at Chatsworth is a good example of her trainability.  

Sire "Denver" (2 CC/2 RCC) is workmanlike quality.  Owned and bred by Lorna Thompson at the successful Redmires kennel, his siblings and progeny are doing well in the field as well as showing. 

Both dogs temperaments are 110%  

 Loving working homes will take priority and pups will have had tails docked, dew claws removed and have been micro-chipped but not injected. They do not have to be serious trialling homes but you will need to show that you plan to train your puppy.

For a chat or more info please ring 01508 488220 or email luciehustler@me.com 

 Dam:       Aytee Juniper   "Jerzi"      Hip score  7-6

Dam:       Aytee Juniper   "Jerzi"      Hip score  7-6

 Sire:  Redmires High Society   "Denver"  Hip score  4-5

Sire:  Redmires High Society   "Denver"

Hip score  4-5

24TH APRIL 2018   Just back from a successful visit to stud with Jerzi.  If all goes well puppies will be born on 28th June.     Looking forward to a scan date of  29.5.18

29TH MAY 2018 Jerzi's scan confirms at least 5 puppies are due on 28th June.   Jerzi has always loved her food but she is devouring everything in sight SO glad it was not all food and wind !  Watch this space. 

22ND JUNE 2018 the final week and dear Jerzi is desperate to offload, I think they could be early.


25TH JUNE 2018  Jerzi produced a wonderful litter of  puppies today. The 4 boys and 4 girls arrived three days early and they kept us on our toes, but with the help of a fast driver (!) great vet and Jerzi being generally wonderful we delivered them all safely and she is besotted with this her first litter. 

29th JUNE 2018

Jerzi is settled and relaxed with her brood.  They have all been docked and are feeding well.  Looking forward to the coming weeks.  

3rd July 2018

The puppies have passed the week old mark and are progressing very well. Here are the boys and girls with their markings clearly visible although they will darken considerably in the next few weeks.

10th July 2018

At two weeks old and the puppies have more than doubled their birthweight, their eyes are open and they will start some solid food tomorrow.   (weetabix and puppy milk replacer)  Jerzi is more relaxed with them now but still guards them from the other dogs who show plenty of interest.

16th July 2018

3 weeks old and the puppies have a busy week ahead.  128 nails were cut today (!) and over the next few days worming, getting onto some proper meat in their meals and moving dogbed are all on the agenda.  They are a beautiful age and are starting to really enjoy being handled and talked to.