Individual 1 to 1 lessons for dog and handler can be booked at Aytee’s home in Norfolk, UK. I aim for lessons to be fun for you and your dog, but please remember that the session is for you to learn to teach your dog.  They take place in a safe and pleasant environment outside. Depending on the time of year and harvest, dogs can swim, hunt open ground or cover and work on obedience and retrieving in grass paddocks. Individual lessons are £25 an hour.   Please email luciehustler@me.com to arrange a session.


Each Training Level consists of a 40+ page file to download which explains details of how I approach training, the philosophy and troubleshooting on exercises.   The manuals don't explain every different way of achieving a task, rather they describe the method that I use.  It is, of course, not the only way, but with a happy and patient approach and with the necessary firmness and a love of dogs, it works.     Lucie Hustler



It’s common sense put into words by someone who knows what she’s doing, like Lucie. Just follow the programme because it works.
— Felipe Schlack & "Spotty", Concepcion, Chile
I have found the training resources very helpful, with the added bonus of direct help on specific training problems via the linked Facebook page. Star has benefited immensely from Lucy’s techniques and experience . Highly recommended.
— Judith Harvey & "Star" Wales, UK
Hey Lucie, my GSPs “Lotte” (20 months) and “Tiki” (difficult second hand, 7 yrs) are making progress. Your training and videos are so inspiring for us. They motivate me to train both dogs at once. I used to lock Tiki while training Lotte that she will not learn the bad habits my Tiki has. But now they are both really good working and I am SO HAPPY that none of them has to step back because of the other one. We are one team now. Lotte is the dog I “use” in the fields, in the water and also in the forest. We want to take part in the “VerbandsGebrauchsPrüfung” (VGP) this year. Tiki is making also the whole training (but not used for hunting or the test). This doesn´t matter. Both dogs are given salvation through purpose and they are not about to let it go. Please go on, never stop.
— Nikola Gorlitz & "Lottie" and "Tika", Germany
His retrieves are getting better, but still need some work and I am keeping it fun for him. It is his hunting that has come on really well. He is not getting so distracted by all the ground scent and working much better. Thanks again for your help.
— Nick Wilkinson & "Jackson", Lincolnshire UK
Mila my 1 year old GSP has really excelled by using your program. By using your training hand book she has become a very well behaved dog in the field.
— Grayson Nastri & "Mila", Dallas, USA
After many stressful weeks we came across your videos on the internet and ended up purchasing your training levels 1&2.
The help you gave us through these is very much appreciated, although progress is no where near the standards you achieve.
It does mean that I’m starting to enjoy time with Gareth rather than it being a constant fight.
It is my hope to one day take him beating!!!!! Many thanks.
— Geoff Thomas & "Gareth", Gloucs. UK
Lucie I cannot thank you enough. The improvement in Ludo’s confidence in a short few days was nothing short of outstanding and the confidence I have gained from the time spent with you will stand both in good stead in the future.
— Grant Silvester & "Ludo", Surrey, UK
Bentley my 10 month old gsp is coming along amazing , these manuals are so easy to follow I would recommend them to all gsp owners as a working dog or simply as a pet, so much information is included in them from years of experience. The best money I’ve spent on training.
— Christopher Bates & "Bentley", Wales