Our "L" litter of puppies is due in May 2018.  It is a repeat mating of the lovely 2016 "K" litter (see menu). 

Sh Ch Barleyarch Rolex     x     Ft Ch Aytee Isadora

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Dora will be scanned in April, with puppies due to be born May, ready to go in July. 

Working homes will take priority and pups will have been docked, had dew claws removed and been micro-chipped but not injected. 

I am very particular about the homes that our pups go to, preferring them to be with a loving active, hunting and working home. Prospective owners will need to demonstrate that they are interested in training their GSP for a job as I believe that channelling the dog's drive and energy will give the best chance of success.

The "K" litter have grown into beautiful young dogs and are beginning to work well in the field showing much promise, with the first to enter a Grouse Pointing Test being graded very good.  Some have also been shown successfully demonstrating their dual purpose bloodlines of work and show.  Our own youngster "Karat" from this litter  has won at 8 of her 10 Ch show entries and can be seen featured in many of the Aytee training videos for young GSP's. (see menu Training)

Do email me or ring for a chat and if you confirm an interest, once Dora has been scanned I'll meet up with everyone over the coming weeks so your patience would be much appreciated. 

DAM:  FT CH AYTEE ISADORA     hipscore 2-2




19TH APRIL 2018

Its always great to actually see something and  at 33 days Dora's scan shows that she is definately in pup.  No number confirmed but a litter in the pipeline - due date 19th May.

00000001 (1).jpg


Dora's done it again!  First the "K" litter and now the "L" litter she has produced another 7 beautiful puppies  - a perfect litter all of good size that are full of vigour and feeding well.   There are five bitches and two dogs who will all be liver and liver and white ticked and spotted when their markings finally come out.  Dora is a wonderful mother, constantly attending to them and with plenty of milk, having 7 they will never be hungry.   Looking forward to the next few weeks.


The beastly job of docking and dewclaws was done today, but they were all soon back in the dogbed eating and sleeping, none the worse for everyone being slightly lighter !


Dora is relaxed and settled with her brood.   She allows the other adult dogs to 'look but not touch', guarding them and leaving them only when absolutely necessary. The pups are putting on weight and spend all the time sleeping when they are not eating...what a life !


Two weeks old and Dora has hardly left her puppies and they are galloping away


At 3 weeks old Dora has just started to leave the pups for a short time and they have started solid food - weetabix and puppy milk !


Wednesday 13th June

4 weeks old today and its been a week of moving house, worming, nail clipping, getting onto 4 meals a day (including raw beef and skinners field and trial puppy food) and generally turning into proper little dogs.  There are even a few playful yaps and growls going on !  They are still feeding from mum but this will be tailing off in the coming week.


Wednesday 20th June

5 weeks old and the puppies will soon be completely off their mother.  They are very outgoing, strong and showing their characters. I am getting a pretty idea of who will suit who and much look forward to having some visitors in a few days. 

29TH JUNE 2018

At six weeks old the pups are full on in every respect. A lovely litter that we shall be sorry to see go !

We have one dog puppy unexpectedly available from the "L" Litter after a cancellation.  He will best suit an experience working home in the UK only please.  He is beautifully bred with loads of bone and is bold and upstanding.  Please contact Lucie on 01508 488220 for more info.   See Video:

3rd July  2018 This boy is now sold to super working home. 

4th July 2018  Here is our last update on Dora & Lex's family to let you know where they are all going. We are looking forward to meeting you, when you come to collect your puppy.