Welcome to our new website and the launch of the Aytee GSPs Training Programme.  On our training page you will find information on the first 3 levels of a 5 level programme which is designed to help a GSP owner train their dog.   Starting on a Beginners Level 1,  it will go right through to Level 5 which will finish with the  training for an Open Field Trial Dog or competent shooting companion.    There are also lots of new short training videos (video page) associated with this training. 

The programme does not explain every different way of achieving a task, rather it describes the method that I use to train my dogs.  It is, of course, not the only way, but with a happy and patient approach combined with the necessary firmness and a love of dogs,  it works.  You are invited to check in with me on email if you have any queries as you work through the Levels and more associated videos will be added as time goes by.    My principles of training are Be clear, Be consistant, Be firm and above all, Be kind.    I Look forward to talking to you about training your dog !

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Aytee Juniper better known at "Jerzi", has won the prestigious FIELD GUNDOG AWARD 2017 for Outstanding Work by a Pointing Breed in the 2016/17 Season.    We are very proud of her achieving this recognition and would like to thank the people who nominated her.  Jerzi will receive her award at Burghley Horse Trials on 31st August !  


The "K" LITTER is one year old today.  Happy birthday them all !

Unfortunately,  Karat is celebrating with a cough which she caught at her latest Championship Show.  Completely maddening as Aytee dogs are grounded for the time being and missing lots of grouse work.  They are all well but sound like a herd of seals !   She is amusing herself by selecting and picking pears! 

 Karats litter brother "Doc" unimpressed with the badge Becky made him

 Karats litter brother "Doc" unimpressed with the badge Becky made him


Karat and Dora came each came home with yellow after the GSPC Championship Show today. Wins were not to be, but both dogs showed well and Karat is getting to know the ropes and enjoyed meeting her Dad!  Congratulations to all the winners and of course organisers who put on a lovely day.  Here is Karat strutting her stuff.


The GPC of Ireland put on a wonderful Working Test at Hope Point in Mullingar, Ireland.  A fantastic day of competition and fun and thanks to Judges Robbie Doran and Ray Behan who had a long task  judging every dog on the day.  Massive thankyou to Steve McMannus and his team for such a great day.   "Jerzi", (Aytee Juniper) was awarded with her trophy for winning the leading HPR under the IKC  in 2016  so it was very special that she should win the Open Class at the Working Test, with Aytee Isadora, Dora, taking 2nd prize.  Congratulations to all other winners and competitors and thanks for the Craic!


AYTEE KATERINA won Puppy Bitch and BEST PUPPY in breed at East of England Championship Show yesterday and got into the final cut for Best Puppy in Group.  Also well done to AYTEE KALIMAR, better known as Doc who was 1st in Puppy Dog .  A fantastic day and thankyou to the organisers and Judge for giving them the chance to shine.

 An unknown spectator gave Karat a furry kong they had won in a raffle! (saying they thought she was the nicest dog they had seen all day!)   Well done KARAT ! 


The hottest day of the year didnt stop Jerzi winning first prize today at the Kennel Club's Open Working Test at Chatsworth, Derbyshire.  She was last to go on each test, really nailed the hunting and won herself her own Tuffies Bed as well as numerous sponsors prizes. Great day with lovely competitors and thanks to the  judges, sponsors and KC for super time 




Two warm ups for competitions in a few weeks were well worth the trips this weekend, with Karat winning a Puppy Stakes class at the local Gt Yarmouth and district Limited Show and Jerzi a 4th in Open amongst a huge entry in the Hungarian Viszla Working Test in Oxfordshire.    We got baked at one and soaked at the other, but both great fun, a big thankyou to all organisers.