Jerzi lasted all of 5 minutes in her first Open run today in Warwickshire!  She started with a tidy retrieve on a hen pheasant which was no problem.  Was then asked to hunt a deep sided  water course full of trees and scrub and working hard she quickly came on point, staunch and eager.  Guns in position, send her in.  She flushed well, but the bird held fast, or as it turned out, two hen birds which sat tight and Jerzi, with her lack of experience,  unsure of what to do with two at once, stayed locked on point.  I do think she would have remained all day so with a thanks to the judges and apology for our indiscretion we shook hands and came on home.  5 hours driving for 5 minutes dog work,  thats trialling ! I think Open may have come a little too soon, we will see how things go.