Aytee GSP's have been learning their trade on the Grouse Moors of Scotland.

P1100934 Dora

Honing their pointing skills each day, first counting and then shot over on various moors they now think themselves experts!

P1110035  Jerzi

Hardly so, but they gave guns at Auchnafree,  Blair Atholl  and Inverness marvellous sport.  Huge thankyou's to Robin, Phil, Alex and Mick for invitations and hospitality, but especially to Darryl and Sally (and Lewis) for your generosity and making it possible.  It has been marvellous and memorable and it is hard to imagine being anywhere but Scotland in August in the future!

P1100931de-brief on Dora's first grouse

P1110072  Lunch is served Blair Atholl style!

P1100997  Darryl with "Lewis" (Aytee Jumbo Jet of of Islasbraw)

P1110012  "Lewis"  showing us how it should be done