DORA wins ALL AGED FIELD TRIAL - 3rd October 2014

Dora came out on top at the Italian Spinone Club of Great Britain's All Aged Field Trial held at Boreham, Essex by winning a Third.


Running three times in a nice covering of rape she had some good points on partridge and although unluckily her birds were not shot, she had a retrieve on a hare - being Boreham, this was one of many shot!

The water gave us an interesting moment when, having picked her pigeon on the far bank of the river, she had to sit and wait with the bird in her mouth,  while a boat steamed through with a 60th birthday celebrations on board!  Good old Dora  not to be put off - once it had passed she was whistled back,  job done!    Big thankyou to competitors and judges for a lovely day..