"BO" belongs to the Hughes family and  is a much loved family pet with young children to take care of, but that doesn't stop  her owner Laura  training with Dave Pilkington and  Rory Major  and with things coming along well they are aiming for Working Tests in 2013.

"Bo does very well at walking to heel off the lead, always returns on the recall whistle and responds well to the stop whistle even at a distance.  I am building up her steadiness and she retrieves her dummies in increasingly challenging situations.  She can sit and stay forever even if I walk two fields away!  I am constantly amazed at her intelligence.  As a first time dog owner it's been a steep learning curve especially with having a GSP, as I feel much time needs to be put in.  However I thoroughly enjoy it and feel encouraged when other dog owners congratulate me on having such an obedient, friendly and well mannered dog and ask if I can help sort theirs out!  Bo has always been a pleasure around the house, extremely tolerant with the children, never jumped up to grab anything from the worktop nor chewed anything which isn't hers.  We feel privileged to have one of your puppies so thank you, she really is in another class."                  Laura Hughes       November 2012