Here you will find levels 1, 2, 3 and  4 of a  continuous training programme which is designed to help a GSP owner train their dog to field trial standard. (level 5 will be available in Spring 2018)   

It starts on Beginners Level 1 (Puppy) and goes right through to  Field Trial/Rough Shooter Level 5 (Adult dog). 

Each Level consists of a 35-40 page PDF file which follows on from the one before and there are associated videos that demonstrate aspects of the training. These can be found on the videos page of this site with more to be added as time goes by.      

The programme does not explain every different way of achieving a task, rather it describes the method that I use to train my dogs.  It is, of course, not the only way, but with a happy and patient approach combined with the necessary firmness and a love of dogs,  it works. As part of the programme you are invited to check in with me on email if you have any queries as you work through the Levels.  I look forward to talking to you about training your dog !

Lucie Hustler

AYTEE GSPs for Natural Ability and Trainability

The German Shorthaired Pointer is, more than anything else, an instinctive hunting dog.  Couple this with its speed, enthusiasm and a quick brain and you have a hunting machine, which if untrained and allowed off the lead, will quickly get itself into trouble.

VERSATILE HPR - They are a joy to someone who wants to train and work their dog to the gun as they connect so well with people.  Loyal and loving companions, if well trained, their versatility as a gundog is unparalleled.  They have speed and stamina to work the grouse moor for a gun line, or they can adjust and work close and steadily for one rough shooter in thick cover.   Walked up shooting is definitely their forte, as it uses their whole skill set, but they are also well able to take up an invitation as a peg dog and retrieve on a driven day. 

TRAINING IS THE KEY - AYTEE GSP's do all of the above, as well as regularly running in Field Trial competitions throughout the season. This is made possible by methodical and sympathetic training when they are young,  building slowly towards working on game and then not over facing them once they start working in the field.   I believe in gaining the respect and trust of your dog through basic training before you give it freedom to hunt game, however long this takes.   There is no quick fix.  GSP's are intelligent and will learn fast, but they must have a firm, kind and committed handler who will put in the training time.    Your GSP will learn best if you live with these principles of training…… Be clear,  be consistent, be firm and above all, be kind.