Fantastic News on Jerzi's scan today that we could see 5 puppies in one view on the scanner.  She had become manic about food in the last few days so we did wonder if the extra weight could be simply scavenged scraps (!) but looking at the video not so.  Puppies due on 28th June. 

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Dora's done it again!   First the "K" litter and now the "L" litter, producing another  7  big strong pups all feeding well, a perfect number.  Once again they arrived early, but are all absolutely fine,  vigorous pups and she is a fantastic mother.   This is the first of our blogs for you to keep up to date as they grow.  In future the blog will be posted direct onto the "L" Litter page.


These dogs never stop and being pregnant wont stop Dora doing what she does but its always great to actually see something and  at 33 days her scan shows that she is definately in pup.  No number confirmed but a litter in the pipeline !  


A huge thankyou to Tracie Rickman (HWVCGB) for running some fantastic training days in Suffolk last week.   Hare raising to say the least 😮 thanks so much for giving up so much time and for sharing those wonderful grounds.  A great weekend with a couple more SPT for our youngster and a grading of Very Good.  Big thankyou to judges and the N&SHPRFTC for organising a super day.   Having waited until 18 months old to point (!) Karat's on a roll now, learning before the crops get too tall, but yesterday all she could do was  to sit, when a pesky cock bird ran round behind and jumped up, grrr, they'll be plenty more of those Karat, you'll have to learn fast ! 




What a weekend! Karat won both her classes at the GSPA Ch Show under two different judges.  Thanks to Val Rusk for 1st Yearling and Velda Prior for 1st Special Working.  A really lovely international line up of dogs that it was great to be a part of, well done to all the winners and a big thank you to all organisers.  The day was only surpassed by Karat grading GOOD the day before at Worcester Gundogs GPT  on her very first visit to a grouse moor.  So lovely to see.

The disaster of the weekend was discovering my car battery had blown up while on the moor but MASSIVE thanks to Lloyd Birch, Lee Loveridge and  Ray Davies for help in getting RAC rescue on a Bank Holiday Sunday to the middle of Island Moor on the Brecon Beacons.  Bottles on their way !