Zero to Hero

Jerzi was foot perfect today picking up 2nd in Open at a superb trial run by the HVS  at Kingham, Oxon.   Massive congrats to winner Rory who made up his dog today.   Coming so soon after the wonderful Irish Ballinacor  trial where we were taken ill and both Aytee dogs bombed out, it was a great relief to be back on form.    Thanks for today to the HVS, the hosts, judges, competitors and organising team for such a marvellous time.  

Thanks also to Steve McMannus for this picture of the beautiful ground at Ballinacor, Co Wexford  ....  we will return!



What an amazing day today, walking up for 8 brilliant guns visiting from Guernsey.  Thanks to Nick Elsdon of Anglia Sporting who organised the day and all the great friends who brought their lovely dogs, Maureen Nixon, Rory Major, Steve Pleasance and Hari Lampart.  What a great day,  lovely points, superb shooting and some cracking retrieves.  Some pretty amazing misses as well ! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ  such fun and banter in the gunline.  Aytee Dogs are exhausted, we are exhausted, a day to remember๐Ÿ˜Š


Sharing the last point of the day Aytee Jessie Jay, Aytee Juniper & Aytee Isadora


Flooded drives scarcely left anywhere dry for the dogs to mark.  Karat on the left is getting to learn the ropes, but with plenty of swimmers rather than runners she didn't go much on having to be a submariner to pick a bird !  They have 17 days work this month, lets hope it dries up a bit.



Aytee Kalico better known as Juno has passed her Level 4 Search and Rescue exams, making her currently the highest qualified voluntary S&R dog in Norfolk, it wont be too long before she is out there and doing it for real.   We send congratulations to RAF owner/handler Ian Danks and Juno for all their brilliant hard work, it is a long haul,  well done to you both. 



Aytee Jimny Cricket better known as Bob and owner/handler Lee Minhinnick was the highest placed dog at the GSPA All Aged Trial with a 2ND at Claughton Hall today!   The fourth member of our "J" litter to win a trial, we are very proud, well done Lee ! Suzi B and I are off to do some shootover work early tomorrow and send you a toast.   



With just 2 points out of over 20 runs in sometimes blizzard conditions at the BCGB Open Trial in Worcestershire, results were kept down to just one award of Second,  which went to Jim Field, Well done that man ! 

Our Jerzi had the other point, but with a cartridge jamming in the barrel and another bird kicked up behind, she soon joined the rest of the field out in the cold.   Grr, brr, a truly tough day but great fun in the gallery.   Thankyou so much to the host, organisers, judges and guns, enjoying being back in the warm โ„๏ธ

74689690-Brittany+Spaniel+Open+Field+Trial+Dec+8-57 (1).jpg


A Fab GSPI Open Trial at Mullingar ended with our Dora and Robbie Doran's lovely GWP battling it out on the bog !

It was nailbiting, but great fun and the marvellous result of First with Excellent grading for Robbie's dog made him up to FT CH. Massive congratulations to both it was great to watch and a big hug to Dora for her Second and Excellent, asleep now and heading for the boat ๐Ÿ˜Š handlers turn for the water ๐Ÿ˜’

It was a great weekend all round for Irish FT Champions with a First at the Dublin Show for Kieron Fox Gramhey's Penny, making her FT CH, well done again Kieron, she is a legend.

Thanks to the host, organisers, judges, guns, sponsors Feedwell and the lovely gallery at Mullingar and to everyone who made the whole weekend such fun for Johnny and me.  Karat has a snipe bog on her Xmas list!


A last minute run at a last minute trial,  gave Dora the chance for 3rd Place at the Weimaraner Association Open Trial in Hawkhurst Kent.  Fabulous estate grounds made for a super day and thanks to everyone, organisers, sponsors, judges. Big Congrats to all award winners XX